WHO am I?

I’m Chris, a product designer, illustrator and all round adventurous, active and creative person. If you explore this site you will find out a bit more about what keeps me happy and busy in my personal and professional life.

HOW can I help you?

If you want a custom designed poster, (wedding)invitation, logo, album cover or other illustration, don’t hesitate to contact me! And if you like my art and want to be kept up to date: follow me on Instagram.

I also sell prints of my artworks on the “Lines on Paper” Website.

Featured post

Printing press

After looking into linocuts and prints and playing around with a few, I decided the quality of my prints would improve if I had a small press. So after a quick google search for inspiration I decided to improve on a simple design I found. And the results of my home made press are not bad at all.

Summer Update 2017

This summer is a summer of short trips and excursions. It started in late June with a trip to the Italian Dolomites to go on my very first alpine excursion: three days of Via Ferrata (or Klettersteig). Climbing mountains and traversing cliff faces and snow fields with the most precarious parts usually (but not always) secured by a steel cable to which you can latch your safety harness.

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Showing off my acting and voice-over talents in this Vogel’s promotion movie. My skill set keeps on growing. I’m not too keen on the acting, but if you need a voice over done, don’t hesitate to ask!

DIY Wood Turning Lathe

This Christmas I got an extension to the basement. This meant I finally got some space downstairs to set up my work bench. To celebrate I decided to build myself a simple wood lathe. I have loved working the lathe ever since my first instruction in the workshop at uni. My DIY lathe is not intended to work aluminium, just wood will do fine. I started with an electric drill as power source. It has an on/off switch that can be fixed, which is ideal.After messing around with some wheels, my first proper attempt was based on this youtube tutorial for a 30 minute lathe.


The result was okay, but as I wanted to work quite long thin pieces of wood, it proved way to unstable to get really nice results using a chisel. After using files once or twice I decided it needed an upgrade. This upgrade came in the form of two bits of 22mm central heating tubing and a lot more metal brackets to fix the drill in place.


This improved the stability of the whole lathe enormously. But now the next thing proved a problem. I was using a screw through a woodblock as center pin, but it was digging into the wood (as it did not spin together with the piece). This was solved with a bolt, ground down to a point, which was clamped into a ball bearing.


I also added a threaded rod to move the center back and forth and to properly clamp the wood.

Play Forest “Klauterwoud” – Update

By now the play forest has been up and running for over a year. It has been a very popular with the kids and has proved to be really good to play all kinds of running and adventure games in. The planting has been taking hold and is standing up quite well to the abuse of many children running around and through the plants. All it feels like it has been there for much longer than a year and a half.


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